I bought an Iphone 4s 16gb from Amazon India in May 2015. Order number 40498683504724320. Amazons email id is reolution-in@amazon.in. I was interacting with Axxxxn from executive customer relations team. It had developed wifi issue & I had to ship the product back to seller at my own expense who said a new replacement product would be issued on July 13th 2015. After 2 weeks on 30th July i got another phone which had lot of scratches. which was an used phone. Upon suspicion i called Apple customer care & checked when was the phone first registered. I was told it was registered in Japan on 4th December 2011 and i was told that techinical support for this product had expired which means i was shipped a 3.7 year old used phone. Upon bringing this to Amazons notice I was told i can ship the product back to seller again for second time & i would get a refund. I had spent Rs 19049 to buy this product & around Rs 1000 for accessories * Rs 952 for shipping the product to seller twice. Consider the issue i had faced for more than 45 days without resolution and for the mental agony i want a compensation of a minimum of Rs 15000.

Angelo Diaz
9/9 Ashok Avenue, Chennai 600024, Tamil Nadu
Email: angelo.diaz@hotmail.com / 07/08/2015 / 12:30 pm

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