Amazon not refunding money for the order lost by them

I had ordered an Mobile Phone – Redmi Note 4, 64gb and 4gb RAM, Gold colour on 24 september 2017.

The Total Amount of Rs 9,499 was already been paid by card during the time of conforming order as the option of Cash On Delivery option was not available during the time of purchase.

I received an Order Update from that my package was successfully delivered to me on 27 september at 1:03 pm.

But in reality i did not received my package and the delivery agent did not even contacted nor did I Received any Call from the concerned delivery person nor I have still yet signed any document which is required at the time of accepting the Delivery.

When I contacted Amazon regarding issue and informed them, their executives assured me not to worry and that the info had got updated due to Human Error and they have raised a complaint against the concerned person and that my product will be arriving at my address on or before 29th september.

Since then i have been contacting Amazon but in return they just opted to waste my time and offered just false assurance about my product delivery and even promised me to give me full Refund incase the package did’nt arrived till 29th september.

Yesterday on 1 october when I asked them to refund me my money back the executive transfered my call to their special Investigation department and after 4 days after informing them about the issue and wasting so much time and energy I was informed by their female supervisor that my product has been lost and they are unable to track that package and after I asked her to Atleast give me refund of the money i had paid already she started answering arrogantly and stated that i will have to wait till 9th october till they carry out an investigation and then they will think about the refund.

Why should an customer pay their hard earned money to such mistakes conducted by Amazon and suffer such losses ?

I hope i will get the required support from you and Provide me Justice.

Vandana Ingale
Alibag 402201, Maharashtra

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