I paid for a 240 sq yard plot in Megapolis in Greater Noida in 2008 to ANSAL API. They issued a plot in 2009 but to my surprise while I opted for taking possession of plot, I learnt that the land for the plot is not in their possession. I have been trying to settle the matter by getting allotment of alternate plot but the crooked approach of the builder has helped them neither to return the money nor possession of plot. I paid rs 18 lacs appx to best of my knowledge and feel that they should return my amount of give a plot. such cheat organizations should not be allowed to exist and their license should be cancelled. I want somebody to take my case.

Surinder Kumar Garg
H No 428 Sector 14 Faridabad, Haryana
Email: gargsk@hotmail.com
Contact No. 9953051409 / 30/10/2014 / 1:46 pm

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