My Vodafone no was disconnected due to non-usage, Vodafone customer care never told me that prepaid sim has to be put in custody. I had changed my sim from post paid to prepaid since I was going out of country for my onsite assignment, meanwhile my number has been provided to someone else.

I was using the number from past 5.5 years and now suddenly it has gone to someone else, I am not in country and I have spent so much money on international calls and tried to explain problem to vodafone customer care, the system is so faulty that it cannot recognize international number and routes me to bengal circle instead of kolkata.

Bengal circle neither can help nor can route the call, I have to try 10 times then 1 time my call reaches kolkata circle..

I have tried escalating the issue at vodafone appellate people but of no use, they reply to emails after 7 days.

The more nusiance is caused when my new number which I sister got was also being used by someone else.

My family in India are getting harassed and repeated calls from unknown people who were contacts of old numbers. Vodafone should do background check before disconnecting one’s number if someone is using number for more then 5 years how can they simply assign it to someone else.

All my bank records have this number so this is serious security issue as well. The period of non-usage should be increased and background check should be done.

Bhumika Doshi
21 Annada Banerjee lane, Kolkata 700020, West Bengal
Email: / 26/07/2015 / 7:21 pm

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