About 4 months ago in July ’14, i lodged a complaint with touchpad problem on my laptop asus x550lc , s/n- DBN0CV00623644B, on the service helpline. The executive refused onsite stating it to be a software problem. I was shocked. After a lengthy talk with senior executive and Facebook complaint, they provided onsite from compuage solns. In varanasi india. The engineer visited and changed touchpad but removed the outer surface sticker from old one casually and stuck it on top, because of which the contact wasn’t proper and my touchpad was still kaput. i told him, to which he replied that i will order a new one and replace it within a few days. i waited and even sent him an email with pics of scratched pad, tried calling him many times but to no avail. Then i had to urgently leave the city for sometime, when i came back i lodged complaint to helpline , who said Compuage had closed the case. I was furious and felt cheated. A new engineer came with an old front panel from a different laptop of a different color and tried installing it. I told him i can’t accept this. He said let me see if it works. While doing this, he broke contacts of the motherboard and fried it. I called helpline immediately and he promised them that he’d change both by next day. i contacted him the next day and he said it would take some more days. i called helpline who tried taking him in conference but he cut their call. So the exec said they had done escalation against him and would transfer my complaint to a new centre, F1 info solutions. Gave me caseid- A141031393 and calling id- A141033132. And said they would contact me in two days and gave their phone number also. When i tried calling them, they said they hadn’t received any complaint. I was at my wits end by then!!! I called the telecaller and told them this. He said there is no complaint to f1 solutions and your problem is still with compuage. I didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, the engineer from compuage had called me the day before and said that he had got the parts, buy i told him what you guys said, that case has been shifted to F1 solutions. The exec after i told him case id , said after keeping me on hold for a good forty minutes that you are right case is with F1 and they would visit me today. Today i called f1 and they said they didn’t have any case. I called helpline and they said that you refused service from compuage and hence both your cases have been closed!!!! I couldn’t believe it. He was talking like i was the cause of this. He was being sarcastic and very mean. I couldn’t believe how it was my fault when they themselves said that compuage won’t handle your problem anymore. Then the exec asked me rudely, Who told you that case is with F1 solutions?? I said it was you guys of course!! Then he put me on hold for a full hour and then said new case is with F1 solutions. And they would visit me in another 3 days. I said then what about the last three days I’ve been waiting for. By this time, he seemed genuinely disinterested AnD said i don’t know sir about it but if you want new case id then take it! A hold for another 20 minutes and a new case id later- A141049365, i am at the end of my tether and just can’t believe the malpractise which goes on in asus service in India. It’s been four months now and I am stuck with a used front panel and a fried motherboard, starting to wonder if my laptop will ever be repaired. Requesting immediate action.

Meenal Dutt
B2/215s bhadaini, Varanasi 221001
State: uttar Pradesh
Email: meenal123@gmail.com / 10/10/2014 / 3:34 pm

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