I am a HDFC credit card No.4893 xxXX XXXX 0670 holder. On 29.12.2016 an amount of Rs.1299/- has been deducted towards ONE ASSIST MFEE which I am not aware. I have never given my consent for this. Last year during 2015-16 this One Assist team has deducted the same amount without my notice but when I objected they reversed the amount Rs.1299/-.This time again they have deducted from my HDFC card. On 4th.&10th.January 2017 I called on their toll free no.08080-333-333 & requested them to cancel & reverse the amount. Their executive told me that they have entered my request but nothing has been done. One Assist has made it a practice to do their business. I think they have a tie up with HDFC & together they prey us. I have written two email also to them. I request you to kindly file a complaint against One Assist.

Shiv Kumar Jha
Okhla Road, Newdelhi-110025
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxa@ymail.com / 30/01/2017 / 4:13 pm

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