I stay overseas and I had ordered 3 women’s kurtas from Jabong to gift my mother. The names of the products were-
1) Shree Navy blue printed cotton kurta.-Rs. 799 (Issue with payment from Jabong)
2) Riya Navy Blue Printed Kurta – Rs. 1099 (Issue with return of product and
payment from Jabong).
3) Sangria 3/4th Sleeves Printed Kurta – Rs. 630 (Delivered and OK)

Issues –

1) The first kurta orderwas cancelled by me on 25th July 2016 and I have not received the payment !

2)The second product was delivered before the delivery date but there was a size issue so, we wanted to return / exchange it. When I checked online I could find the option of return / exchange, as the website was not updated with the current status of the product- that it was already delivered; instead, it reflected that the product was yet to be delivered 7 days later then; hence I could only see the cancel option.

I decided to use the cancel option and then inform Jabong customer service to arrange for the product to be returned and the payment to be released to me for that product. So I went online, I cancelled the order for the product – RIYA Navy Blue Printed Kurta, and also another product – SHREE Navy Blue Printed Cotton Kurta (as mentioned above).

The great customer service from Jabong created all the confusion.
I wrote an email to the Jabong customer care, about this issue, and simply received a template style reply from them, which was of no use to me.

Therefore, I called them and reached the representative after a 20 mins. wait; I was calling from my overseas number, and the representatives were so impatient they did not have the common sense to listen to me first, as usually there is a slight gap when one calls from an overseas number !! I had to blow mu lungs out to make them understand that it was not a connectivity issue. Once they understood that, I had to bang my head on the wall to explain what had happened ! The representative’s comprehension skills were absolutely awful !

Finally, she was able to understand the issue, she kept asking for a strange “AWB” number, which I certainly did not have, as the actual packet was with my mother in India. I asked her to hold on while I called my mother from another line, to ask her to send me the image of the receipt; by the time she sent me the image, this rep had disconnected the call.

Later, I called them again, another day, and the same drama occurred with another rep now; once again I had t blow my lungs and twist my brain nerve cells to help them understand the situation; this rep again asked me for the strange “AWB” number, which I could not find anywhere on the receipt. I tried my best to patient and read out every possible number on that receipt; but in vain, there was nothing that seemed to match with what the rep was looking for. I had no idea how on earth was I supposed to read that number when i was nowhere on the packet. Eventually this rep disconnected the call as well.

After both events, however, the reps simply sent a very template style generic email to me, which was obviously of no use !

I then wrote again to customer care giving more detailed description of the issue and also attached the image of the receipt. It has been 2 days since and I have not received any response from them.

I just need my money back and someone to please collect the Riya kurta from the delivery address.

I am simply tired of dealing with such hopeless service people. I really need an authority to intervene to aid my case please. HELP !!

Ratna Chatterjee
Raja ji puram, Lucknow 226017, Uttar Pradesh
Email: dxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com / 03/08/2016 / 12:23 pm

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