Bajaj Finance not issuing NOC

This is inform you that it is my big mistake to I was finance with Bajaj Finance. Because of I done my self monthly EMI regularly but My Last payment took earlier and on date of 7th of every month. And my regularly date is 8th so how ever penalty will I paid? I want my NOC letter at my home. And Baja finance want to said come at our office who very much distance from my home because I m staying 90 km of any of any main branch. Now I claims for that if my NOC not be come out.
My loan no.L2WAKV02112761 & Some one stupid girl call me on date 26th of sep 2015 TIME: 5:57pm relted of penalty and i many times your all agent clearly said 1st check my details and after claim but there agent told me in Hindi : Tum Kamine ho,, so what kind of bajaj finances providing service ? how to talk with customer that don’t have manners. a very bad experience in my life so i am claim for my insulting related sir bajaj finance telecaller are very much bad. please help me.

8-1-71 Navafaliya macchiwaad 28, Rajpipla 393145, Gujarat
Email: mohsin8819] / 27/09/2015 / 8:50 am

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