Bank not assisting in releasing pension amount

Hi m writing on behalf of my mother who is running around to get pension and to set things up, my dad passed away this year August 2018 due to stroke, my mother did not know that we should not withdraw cash from a person account and she never consulted about this to us, after a period of time when she went to bank for closing my father account, they said my brother is the nominee and they told once u deposit the cash they told they will transfer within 48 hours to my brother account and close my dad account and open a pension account for my mother….. they gave all the possible wrong information. Listening to that my mom took loan from someone and paid back because we come from a lower middle class family and my bro paid it and tried to give the Claim form but bank people said first my mom should open the account, they next day mom went to bank and gave all docs and they said there is a new government rule that to open savings account it will take 15 working days and they said the head office will send u a message once the account no is generated we waited for 15 working days and then I called the customer service to the head office number and checked they said the u should submit the claim form first all wrong information and after two days my mom went to branch the account was opened, today we went to pf office to get pension work done but pf people asked us to get a signature from branch manager and when we went to bank, the manager spoke to us rudely he even asked my mom how can I certify ur religion when I confronted him he spoke to my mom in a singular way as if he is doing a favour and his behaviour was very bad towards us. Please request you guys to work on this and give a active strict feedback to the bank employees. My mom is not that educated and these people are taking disadvantage of people who are less educated and give wrong info to people

Nandini Venkatesh
Bangalore 560073, Karnataka

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