I am holding & using the credit card bearing No.4xxxxxxxxxxxxxx9 since several years. Making payment which are due promptly after receipt of credit card statement. But, now a days, I am not receiving the statement correctly & receiving some times after expiry of due date for payment. Same was informed several times to your bank staff.

On previous occasion also, not received the statement but contacted your customer care & made payment. Yesterday, that is on 31-08-2015, I have received a statement demanding a payment of Rs.1172.89/- & to make payment immediately. I am surprised to note that a sum of Rs.500/- towards late payment fee plus Rs.(70+29.29+4.10), totaling R.603.39/- has been included in the bill for no fault of mine.

If, I had received the statement definitely I would have paid the amount in time. Because, of non receipt of statement, there may be a delay which is not attributable on part.

The above point has been clearly explained to your Customer care authority on today the 1st September 2015 & asked to delete late payment fee. Otherwise to cancel my above credit with immediate effect.

Under the above circumstances, I am not liable to pay the late payment fee. You may refer to my previous records & see that I have not delayed payment even on a single occasion. Hence, I request to kindly arrange to delete the late payment charges & send a revised statement immediately. Otherwise, I am not interested in holding your credit card & request you to cancel the credit card with immediate effect.

Today, I am making payment of actual amount of Rs.569.50/- payable by me.

Ratnabalaraju N.J
20th Main, BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560070, Karnataka
Email: ratnabalaraju[@gmail.com / 01/09/2015 / 7:54 pm

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  1. In this case, you can very well raise a complaint against the bank and send an email to the Nodal officer of the respective bank. The officer will send you an response and will be investigating the issue. In case, if you dont get a response in the stipulated time you can then raise a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman and finally then with RBI.

    Also, as you said, sometimes you haven’t even received the credit card statement on many occasions. In this case, you can ask the bank to share the courier details and the signatory who has signed while receiving the bill. This will help you to identify if the address on which the bill has been delivered was actually yours or not.

    You can surely appoint a counselor who can help you to fight this case in your favour and also make sure your credit score is not affected.

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