I am Air Tel customer since November 2014. I was using prepaid airtel sim by providing id proofs.  Unfortunately in on 14th February I lost my phone in metro. I requested airtel to issue me a duplicate sim with same number by submitting id proofs again at there office inside Hcl technologies ltd. A22, sec60 Noida. My duplicate sim started working after two days of request. On 6th March I visited my home town in punjab and I needed the roaming services to contact my company colleagues and friends but without any notice Air tel stopped my services both outgoing and incoming.  Suffered allot and called so many times to airtel customer care by dialing 121 also called customer care from my brother in law’ s and sister’s number but advisors didn’t gave me right information. They just said switch off and on your phone until you are not getting the services.  I did that but nothing happened. Called on 121 again and one senior supervisor gave me the information that due to the validation checking of your documents we stopped your services and advised me to go to airtel office again to re-sumbit my id proofs and photo again.

Even though I was so busy with work I had to go to airtel office twice by spending 200 rs for auto fair and I submitted my documents again at the same office inside my company on 12.03.15.  They provided me a sim again by giving me the assurance of activating my phone services within 3 hours. Nothing happened and its been one 5 days again. I am busy with work and I can’t call airtel again and again and can’t visit there offices to chase the case. I submitted online complaint at 121@in.airtel.com from my office computer even when I was so busy and because I have no Internet access now in my mobile phone because of this inconvenience . Airtel replied on my mail id and given me the complaint number PR031100370 by giving me the assurance of resolving the issue soon as possible.  After that even I received no other message or call or email by airtel and also my services never been active.  Than today I called at 121 customer service twice in the morning  and spoke to three different advisors by explaining whole inconvenience again and again. One of the advisor said according to air tel my services are active and there is no problem with your number.  Another senior supervisor said that you have re submit your documents again by visiting air tel nearest office. I already submitted my documents three times till now and why can’t they verify me even when they have my employee id in there system along with my adhar card . I provided them voter id card too.
My dad was admitted in emergency in hospital due to his health problems and I supposed to call him everyday to check whether he is ok or not but I have no outgoing and incoming on my only number with airtel.

Because of this inconvenience I brought mother’s phone’s sim card along with me to Delhi and using that punjab’s sim now in roaming to contact with my parents.  Its costing me so much money.  Had I been informed by airtel before they stopped my services I would have been getting another local sim to contact my office colleagues friends and specially my dad but they never even sent me a single warning before stopping my services which not acceptable.  Even after complaints at customer care and via email they never sent me any message or email regarding what was the issue and what they doing to resolve it. What is my mistake i can’t understand.  Even after full filling all criteria I am facing inconvenience and worst thing is nobody called me or texted me to say sorry for the inconvenience even.  I feel lost and disconnected from my family and the world.

Please take appropriate actions to help me out and I deserve compensation for all the inconvenience and suffering which is still there. I would appreciate and would be grateful.

HCL technologies ltd. A22, Sector 60, Noida,201301, UP
Email: cddewatt@gmail.com
Contact No. 09888432845 / 16/03/2015 / 12:26 am

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