I have been using Photon Max 3G since a year with 10GB Plan for Rs 1124/-, and one day i gotta call from some1 tata Docomo Dealer saying they offer 20Gb For same price (Corporate Plan) and i Payed them 2500/- for 3 months in advance to start the service as they requested.

As i had activated my new plan(New Simcard) form 5th of April 2015 i put a cancellation request with the customer care on 4th of April 15 for the old Simcard(7276006373) service and i got some calls from customer care people to convince me not to cancel but as i had new sim with better plan i told them not to continue the old simcard. And suddenly on 26th may i got a new Bill OF Rs1124/- dated 23-04-15 to 22-05-15 which i was not using since 05-04-15 for the old sim(7276006373) as i am using the new sim card and paying the bill of that. When i asked them regarding this they say i was interested in the old plan it self i said and they have not cancelled it for that, am i fool to use 2 sims at the same time and that to in a same dongle.

Now i am getting warning calls that my a/c will be disconnected if i don’t pay the money which i have not even used.

Nitish Morey
Plot no 205 sector 18 shivajipark sambhjinagar chinchwad, pune 411019, Maharashtra
Email: nitishmorey@gmail.com / 09/06/2015 / 8:40 pm

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