Billed for barred connection for Airtel hotspot

The airtel team is harassing to pay a exorbitant price for non serviced barred connection. Though I spoke with the Airtel begumpet team; they told me that the connection is active and is being used by me. To check this, When I am switching on the device its not connecting to my computer or mobile. In real, Airtel bars the connection of the customer if the bill isnt paid after the due date without any notice. I have to pay 01 month bill which is due for May 2017 and there on the connection is barred for non payment and bill is sent to my email added with consecutive months bill and late fees. Also there is a redressal for the airtel money app on this number being used by me for a refund which isnt resolved yet. I request your help in resolving this issue at the earliest possible.

Surya Suhaas
Medak Dist-502032, Hyderabad 502032, Telangana

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