Bosch Machine fails even after service

I am a authorised Dealer of Bosch. I was purchase Bosch Wheel alignment machine , KTS 570 ,A.C.S. 600 Machine , AETB test bench. When the company installed these machine they find many problem fault during installation. The rates of Bosch German technology machines is too high with Made in india machine but they didn’t work. company also change my machine in 2 month from the installation but after that same fault come daily. i also do complain from many source like Email , Calls, Whatsapp, Written, Hut company take temporary action. I am not only one those who face these problem but All the Dealer who have these machine Faces same problem.
The spares parts not available in market only company give the spare of machine with too much high price. If the machine was create fault during warranty then what happend after warranty

Rani Diesels
Shivpuri, Karera 473660, Madhya Pradesh

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