Builder in January 2014 launched 39 flats G+2 at Urapakkam (project Rejoice) and promised building will over handed over by January 2015, based on their promise I booked a flat at 2nd floor for 600 sqft by paying Rs.100000/- on 24th jan 2014 vide cheque no 000005 that day it was foundation level completed. Till today Apirl 10th 2015 no progress, it is in foundation level. Either They did not complete it or refund the advance paid.ALREADY  I processed my eligibility in LIC Housing finance by paying Rs 5500/- as processing fee  And I have been asked to pay 20% of the flat building cost included the booking advance. I  went and checked the site but to my surprise there were nobody except the watchmen, I enquired him , he said nobody coming to the site from the builder, so I had a doubt I did not paid any further amount but Closely looking for the developments in the site. Now a year passed till date no further development over there except the foundation level. When  I approach the office people the did not reply properly and simply saying project is going on. I asked them to refund my booking advance since there is no progress in the site. But office they ill treating me Saying “after all you paid Rs.100000/-  there are many customer who paid 100% they did not ask us any thing like you.  We will return it only after some body book the flat”.   The advance I paid which was jewelry pledge by me at bank for 16% interest .  I want my money with interest.  Also now the prices gone upto Rs 3400/- per sqft at urapakkam , now Antony Projects is not ready to initiate the building so I have to go to another builder but the rate gone upto Rs.3400/- Rs.3500/- Per sqft because of Antony project I have to incurring  lose to book the flat at higher rate. I am in teaching profession because of this I could not carry out my job the past 15 months it is a mental agony that they hold my money and  I could not generate another  money to advance any of the other builder so my first house dream is a nightmare all because of Antony like builder. Hence I NEED COMPENSATION TO BOOK  NEW FALT THE DIFFERENT MONEY HAVE TO BE BORE BY THE BUILDER ANTONY PROJECT.

Contact No. 9094182856 / 21/04/2015 / 10:03 pm

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