I had recently booked a round trip airline ticket of Indigo Airlines. The PNR of the same was G948FJ. However, I had to postpone my dates of travel. Therefore, to facilitate the same, I clicked on the change booking tab of their website. I was taken to the itinerary page where I selected my flights I wanted to change and was further given choose another dates options. to this I choose my changed travel dates to 13th April departure and Return 25th April. And selected to proceed. On the next page the website declared the change payment to be rs, 3000 something for the booking. to which like any other person I willl assume that that the money I need to pay to get my tickets changed to new dates. Following to this the only tab available to press was either finish or go back. So as explained by the website that if I am finish with my selection I should go ahead with the finish button or if not, I should Go Back. Since, I have selected my new dates and was happy with my change amount being Rs,3000 approx I clicked on the finish button. However, following to that I get an email that my tickets have been cancelled and no new tickets have been reissued. When I called the customer care they told me that it is all my mistake and I had chosen to cancel my tickets, but no where in their website I ever selected to cancel my tickets. There was no where mentioned that when I click on the finish button they will cancel my ticket. And they are saying thats the way they work and their website functions correctly. What I dont understand is that if I wasn’t told that pressing finish button will cancel my original tickets without issuing me the new tickets, wh will I do so and how will I get to know that. Now they have cancelled my tickets and charged me cancelation fees. and I will have to book an entire new ticket for whichever date I want to travel and pay booking fees and other charges again. Please help because their airlines seems to never help wit such issues and their customer care says that we cannot do anything if you have done something on the website.

Rashmi Modi
Mumbai 400013, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 04/02/2016 / 11:50 am

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