I have account SBI Lake Town branch. Many time I use cash deposit Machinc and I have no problem but one day have a problem to dated 30/07/15 at the time 17:05:27. I deposit Rs.6000(Rs.1000 x 1 + Rs.500 x 10) but shown the machinc Rs.5000. So, I press cancel after not back to my money and don’t credited in my account. I have reccipt written that ” BAN – DEPOSIT PLEASE CONTACT BRANCH MANAGER FOR CLARIFICATIONS”. Next day I tolled ATM Manager all of this and give me from I fillip it and Manager was tolled me reimming 3 days in your account had been credited. But now dated 04/08/15 my account not credited today I go bank tolled him ATM Manager and Branch Manager and they are tell me how many days take us in credited my account they said don’t know. So, please kindly slove my problem.

Manimoy Pramanik
53 Basak Bagan Lane Patipukur, Lake Town, Kolkata 700048, West Bengal
Email: joypramanik010@gmail.com / 04/08/2015 / 5:05 pm

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