My complaint is about the online job offered by Digital Money India. One day a webpage opened which I didn’t open. I was about the online job from Digital Money India. It was like a Facebook Ad, giving an opportunity to Work From Home.

By clicking that another page opened where I filled my contact information. After one or two days, a representative from that company called me and he conducted some rounds of interviews, i.e. he questioned me like how many times you use Internet? Do you have debit card? Have you done online payment ever? etc..
Then he asked me to pay 2700 rupees for a kit which would be delivered to my home and I received after a few days.
The kit contains some CD’s and a book about How to be a Freelancer?

After going through the book and the CD’s, I could find that the info in the CD’s are available free on the internet and some are Outdated.

I don’t know how to react. Please, help me to get refunded and No one like me should suffer. So please, Help me. I have attached a pdf File from the CD as example.

Uma Mageswari
Hasthinapuram, Chennai- 600064, Tamilnadu
Email: / 31/03/2015 / 5:12 pm

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