I purchased Techofirst Solution T12921 battery charger for my smartphone Nokia Lumia 730 from flipkart on 7th Jan which was delivered on 11th Jan. I plugged the charger to my phone, it was charging, after 10 mins I heard ‘phut’ noise as well burnt smell and on examination my phone was dead and charger was hot and smelly.

I contacted flipkart and they offered return/replacement, I declined and opted for refund, @ 1130pm I tried charging the phone but it wasn’t charging at all. Next day took it to Nokia service centre who at first advised it could be USB port but I opted for diagnosis of the fault and later they told me that the USB port and pins has been short circuited and repairing would be futile. I contacted flipkart and spoke with Nxxxxxxa and advised her that I need to buy a new phone, she advised not to buy as flipkart will sympathetically solve the issue, later around 1830hrs Sxxxxxxxa called and told me that they wont replace handset but will remove the seller from the site and will only refund for the charger.

On 13th Jan I had to purchase a new phone Nokia Lumia 540 to avoid giving problems to my patients.

On 18th Vxxxxxd called and said that in ref to my online complaint on core.nic.in he is calling to advise that only refund for the charger will be given and no handset will be provided and that its not the charger but could be due to over supply of current, to which I replied that the charger specification stated that power supply varies from 110v to 240v hence over and under supply of current doesn’t arise there.

Further he also made suggestion that I shouldn’t have bought the fast charger for smart phone to which I replied that if that is the case then it should have been mentioned on the site.

Lot of companies mfg fast charger and they are selling on numerous online portals but nowhere its mentioned not to use for smartphone.

I wonder why flipkart is flip flopping and trying to save itself instead of accepting the mistake and correcting it thus retenting a first time flipkart customer. Its obvious flipkart is only interested in making money at the expsense of customers.

Ahmed irfani
Hyderabad 500002, Telangana
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxxxi@hotmail.com / 30/01/2016 / 10:19 pm

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