Complaint about a Aquasure Xpert R.O.

I bought a AQUASURE XPERT R.O.(WATER PURIFYING MACHINE) a year ago. After sometime r.o. doesn’t purify water and there is a leakage of water in r.o. I complained this to company customer care with complaint no. CMPL16689. Then, customer care executive told me that within 24-48 hrs., our technician will visit to you and you have to pay a service charge for that. Then,technician came and check the r.o. and told me that the motor is damaged and due to this water starts leaking. So,you have to change the motor and it charge you to Rs.3400/- and after that leakage will stops. I told him to change the motor and paid the total amount. I asked him for the bill but he refused and very rudely behaved and went away. After 2-3 hrs. Again water starts leaking, I call him and told about that then he told me to complaint again. I complaint this to his manager Service center, BIHARSHARIFF but he tolerate. Again, I call but there is no response on this problem. Again, I call axxxxd after a day he received and told me that he is transferred to saharsa district and gave me the MOB OF someone named MxxxxN and told me to complaint your issue to him. I call him and told about the same. He said me that First I confirm this from axxxd then, only i send any technician. He confirmed from him. Again, I call him he said that he will send the technician but the result is zero. Nobody comes to check the r.o. and water leakage rapidly. I call him again but he tolerate me. I call the technician he told me that he will never come to repair the r.o. Please, HELP me to resolve the Problem as soon as possible.

Sumit Kumar
Nawada 805110, Bihar

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