Complaint against Club Jiva regarding refund

I was on a holiday in Goa, and fell into the trap of Club Jiva, a holiday/ timeshare company. They took Rs. 50,000 as a 5 year membership fee from me. They claimed to have resorts, tie-ups globally and showed a rosy picture which we fell for.

I contacted their customer care/ holiday planner named Kalpana, 8-9 months ago for planning a holiday, she came across very rude and hesitantly provided a list of IRA resorts. For last 4 months I have been trying to reach them on phone & e-mails but no response from their side.

Today, when I wrote about this issue at, 2 guys claiming to be Club Jiva executives called me. They assured me instant refund and provided some refund code to be used at ICICI ATM. I felt this was fishy so suggested sending an e-mail from their corporate account. To my surprise I received the e-mail from with the same code, so I played along and called the guy from ICICI ATM. He made me key-in my pin and literally asked for my A/c balance. When I refused to share, he said no problem and suggested selecting Fund Transfer option. I told him I very well understand what this means and what his intentions were, told him I will only accept the money as direct A/c transfer, no codes!

This incident makes me believe Club Jiva is a group of Scammers looting innocent people in broad daylight.

I seek a full refund of the entire amount (Rs. 50,000) with interest. And compensation for this mental torture and frustration.

Vishal Baldota
C504, Pristine Grandeur, Wakad, Pune 411057, Maharashtra
Email: vishal.baldota] / 05/11/2015 / 6:26 pm

3 comments for “Complaint against Club Jiva regarding refund

  1. Amol Joshi
    21/11/2015 at 12:18 pm

    Vishal, my case is similar to yours. However, I have lost Rs. 194000 in this Club Jiva trap. I think we can at least do something to prevent others from falling prey to these cheaters.
    Amol Joshi

  2. Asim
    25/01/2016 at 9:23 pm

    I too have lost Rs 60000 in Club Jiva trap while I was in Goa in Feb 2015. Was anyone able to get refund form them?

  3. Charu Mohite
    29/07/2016 at 5:21 pm

    hi We also paid 60k in 2015 and still not avail service single time. they are refusing to refund .
    let us do something and exposed them with media so that many people will come across their reality .
    pl. collaborate and bring together more people ,that should make impact

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