I have a digipurse wallet registered I made purchase on wish.com Below are the transaction detail of digipurse wallet INR 484.05 on Tue Jan 19 04:56:25 IST 2016. POS Purchase/601823351518/ INR 207.69 on Mon Jan 18 00:13:49 IST 2016. POS Purchase/601718820721/ I got a refund of rupees 484.05 and rupees 207.69 for purchase on website wish.com with reference number 601823351518 and 601718820721 respectively.

Below are the refund details transactionID (601823351518) refund processed on 29th January 2016 / time:- 08:07:22 transaction ID (601718820721) refund processed on 23rd February 2016 Both the above mentioned refund was processed by the wish team from where I ordered products online but still the refund is not reflecting in my wallet Where is my money?

I have mailed digipurse many a times but never got a resolution and also the font reply to the mail One they said me to give the amount of transaction as I thought giving only transaction ID will be sufficient then I gave them transaction amount detail Then the mailed me that refund is processed by visa network and tales 45 days to reflect in account 45 days are already over a long time ago And how do other visa wallet service gives refund in 7-10 working days if it takes 45 days I want my refund.

Ashutosh Bisne
Indraprast nagar, Nagpur 440025, Maharashtra
Email: dxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 11/04/2016 / 1:22 am

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