I bought a HOKO USB cable from shoppinbazar on ebay on 12/9/2014. As soon as I placed the order I realised that they had taken the order to be sent to an old address. So within 5 minutes I informed ebay by phone. They said ebay mumbai will contact me within 24 hours. Meantime I sent three emails to shoppinbazar through ebay. All of which they claim not to have received. I phoned up ebay on 13th and they said it will be resolved. No phone call. Eventually I received a notification from ebay that the item had been shipped by FEDEX. This time I got the number of shoppin bazar off ebay and phoned them and asked them to stop shipment or redirect. One SxxxxxI said that they will resend the item after it was returned to them to my current address. The item was returned. People at my old address did not take it. I phoned up SxxxxxI and SxxxxI a on 26th and she said she was just posting the item. Today is OCTOBER 7th and nothing has been sent!!!However ebay Has posted a FALSE REVIEW pretending to be myself that shoppinbazar is a really good. They in cohorts with shopping bazar have closed the item as being delivered. They delayed the whole procedure by working in tandem and now accuse me of not doing anything.

Item ID: 400757643913
FEDEX AWB NO: 771132847011

I am glad that that is all the money I lost on ebay and shoppinbazar. I have closed my account on ebay. No buying from ebay for me and I will never recommend this site to anyone.

sugun abrahams
plot22 extension1 Shri Parthasarathi Nagar, Thumkunta hyderabad 500078, Andhra Pradesh
Email: sugun_abrahams@yahoo.com / 07/10/2014 / 9:56 am

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