Complaint against local cable tv operator

I have been using since 6 years cable TV from local operator M/S Sri Sai Ram Cable Net Works located at Saikrupa colony, Bheeramguda, Hyderabad. Earlier they have given us serving by Hathaway set-up box, last 4months back they suddenly changed the set of box with local Bright way without prior information after changing we are completely unsatisfied with his service and not getting channels which we were getting from hathway. And they promised before fixing the new box we will broadcast as earlier but no done. Our entire apartment is facing problem. They disconnected our service and returning our advance and setup box payment. So take action on his proprietor and do needful In retaining all our payments with penalty .

Jagadish Palleda
Bheeramguda, Hyderabad 502032, Telangana

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