Suddenly one person called me from  He told me about job opening. I was busy that time.  then after one day again he called me. I was not interested but he call me several time. One day he told you have to update your CV in their website, Then after loag time I agreed.  He never told me about money, when i opened their website he told me you have to pay intial charges 2700  rs. I have paid it. then they send my call to the senior department.  Then senior told me you have to pay 5100. i was never agreed, they  never told me previously. also it will be refundable. i also made the payment. They did not give me any confirmation till now. i maild them several times. ( I will send all mails bellow mention mail ID and numbers also.

I paid those money in month of JAN 25th 2015. till now i did not get any response. Now i dont want any servce from them, I want my money back. I called them several times, thee did not pick up my phone. Sometimes they pick up my phone and sang a song and behaveing rudely. Sometimes they prank me also give some girls’s voices and also giving threate. Different people telling different thing. Someone told i have to pay again 2700 rs then i will refund my money or you have to wait 3 months, Someone told you have to wait 5 months or one year. I amd really getting  frustrated. I really need your help. I will send you all transations details and their phone number also. They are harrasing me each and every times and giving threate calls. I dont know how many people getting fraud each and every day. Request you please help me on this. total 8100 rs.

Chiranjit Sannyasi
Gauranganagarh, Near Sulang Guri colony para High school, New town,  Kolkata-700159
Contact No. 9681892031 / 04/03/2015 / 4:19 am

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  1. Hello Friend don’t worry are you having postal address of company & any director’s name , contact number.

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