Periyar Tiger Trail / Flight Shop Thekkady: When we had planned for the Kerela Trip we were excited about the famous Tiger Trail. We started searching for the relevant site for the tiger trail adventure. We saw and got in touch with Mr. Sxxxxxxxxn Sxxxxxxm, owner of the Tiger trail. When we enquired it was mentioned that only 6 persons are allowed at a time. We were 9 people and thus decided not to go ahead with this trail.

Then after we started getting calls from Mr. Sxxxxxxxn aka Sxxxxi regarding the special arrangement which he can make to accommodate 9 person. He mentioned that he will manage it internally and we will have to pay 100% advance at any cost to book the date,
After some days in excitement we thought of booking the trail and paid 100% amount (6000*9=54000) in two transactions

1) INR 25, 000 paid on 13rd November 2015 from Axis Bank (2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx9) to Axis Bank (9xxxxxxxxxxxxx7).

2) INR 29, 000 paid on 17th Nov 2015 from ICICI bank(6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1) to Axis Bank (91xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7)

We did not get any receipt in lieu of our payments. After following up we got the receipt (from FLIGHT SHOP THEKKADY) of payments on 25th Nov 2015 that 100% of the payment is made and booking is confirmed. Then after as the trip was in February 2016 first week, we were silent. As the trip approached, in order to know the basics of the trail we contacted Sxxxi but in vain. Whenever he picked up he talked to us rudely only. Due to his behaviour we go a jittery feeling and then we searched on internet and learnt that he is big fraud and have many complains at different forums.
Before the trip one of us dropped out due to personal reason. Before the start of trip we approached Sxxxxi for cancellation and return of Money i.e. INR 6000. Sxxxxxi agreed over the mail. On 7th Feb 2016 Saji wrote that Tiger Trail (Cost: INR 54000) is not possible due to some reason and he has arranged for the Jungle Camp and trekking (Cost: INR25000) and said that differential money of INR 28000 will be paid back. Later we clarified that differential money is INR 29000(54000-25000) and Sxxxxi confirmed the same via mail dated 8th Feb 2016.

We followed up with him over phone, WhatsApp and mail. Thus far we have not received the single penny but false commitments.

Nishant Agrawal
Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat
Email: / 02/03/2016 / 3:34 pm

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