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Complaint against pestdialhicare.com

I am cheated by pestdialhicare.com. I got Cockroach/Ants Treatment and Fumigation done at my home on 21-APR-2013 by Pest Dial hicare. They said in 2 days everything will be gone. A week after treatment things were back to old condition – too much of Cockroaches. Then onwards I was contacting them in 08065555553 / 9036623143 / 8123243143. The disappointing part is that every time someone is answering the call and say he will send the person next day. This was happening for 2 weeks. Every time I kept waiting and no one turned up. They gave the service person’s number and when I call him, he will say he will call back and never calls back.

Though their rate was too high, I agreed to go with them as they committed that their service is good, 24/7, branded, 6 months guarantee etc. (as per the marketing person). But, frankly speaking it was disappointing and horrible, the way they responded later. Nobody cared. Out of frustration, as a last warning (On 15/05/13 23:08:00) I sent an SMS to 08065555553 asking them to turn up very next day, if not I will file complaint against them. But nobody cared.

They charged me Rs.1000 for Cockroach/Ants Treatment and Fumigation. I understood that I am cheated and want to register my complaint against www.pestdialhicare.com.

Attached is the Receipt from pestdialhicare.com. Below are call details from my mobile bills, as a proof of the calls I made to the following numbers:

9036623143 – Called on 21/04/13 17:27:13
9036623143 – Called on 06/05/13 10:24:47
9036623143 – Called on 07/05/13 09:15:39
9036623143 – Called on 12/05/13 09:24:49
8123243143 – Called on 21/04/13 18:09:47
8123243143 – Called on 21/04/13 18:10:20
8123243143 – Called on 30/04/13 14:57:51
8123243143 – Called on 01/05/13 11:34:29
8065555553 – Called on 10/05/13 10:42:56
8065555553 – Called on 11/05/13 15:15:53
8065555553 – Called on 12/05/13 18:31:43

Domi J
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Email: relsa147@gmail.com
Contact No.: 9739333100
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