I am been using this internet service provider Reddy Vision a.k.a Airwire from last April 2014. Every month I will get one or the other issue with speed, I have to  call their customer care no +917795050606 / 080-41638977. They will send an executive and they will take at least 1 day to fix it. Which means I will loss at least 2 to 3 days of internet connection.

Main issue is from 4th of April 2015, I am getting only 0.89Mbps, when they promised 15Mbps. When I called them they said it will fix in 1 day as usual but till now there is no progress. Today is 16th April and still they are saying there is an issue with optical fiber and it will take 3 more days.

I asked them that I will pay only the amount what i have used for and not more than that, they are not accepting it. I am not sure if I am only the one who is facing this issue, there might me many people.

Please help me in taking action against them this kind of mental tention or harrasment should not be faced by any other.

Attaching my session details for safety purpose.

Vinai Kumar Meruva
#21, Hitashre nilaya, 1st floor, Ramanjaneyappa layout, Akash Nagar, Bangalore, 560016, Karnataka
Email: writeto.vinai@gmail.com / 16/04/2015 / 9:24 pm

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