I had booked a plot in Sairung Developers lakeview project in April-2013. The Total Plot value was 10,97,520 /- ( Rupees Ten Lacs Ninty seven Thousand Five Hundred Rupees ). While booking the plot they had asked me token amount 1 lac rupees which i had paid by cheque. While booking they informed me that they can only sign LOU (Letter of Understanding ) once i pay more than 50 percent of the total plot value. So i had paid another 4 lacs and i gave 8 cheques of 74,690/- Rs. ( Seventy Four Thousand Six Hundred Ninty Thousand) which had 3 months gap. Out of that 8 cheques 3 got cleared in next 9 months.

In March-2014 my wife suffered from Kidney problem so i admitted her in Ruby Hall Hospital which is in Pune where after 14 days of treatment i got to know that my wife will suffer from CKD ( Chronic Kidney Decease ) & she has to go for dialysis 2 times in a week. In this 2 weeks time i almost spent 3.5 lacs rupees.

So we have started taking my wife for dialysis center in our area. when my wife got discharge from Ruby Hall I decided to cancel my plot which i booked in Sairung Developers lakeview project. So i personally visited Sairung Developers Office which is at Senapati Bapat road, Pune on 26th April 2014 & informed Mr. Bxxxxi that i want to cancel my plot due to my wife’s Kidney problem & asked him for refund.

Again i went to Sairung’s office on 29th April 2014 and again asked to refund my money. That time he has said that they can not refund my money till January-2015. So i didn’t have choice so i waited till January-2015.

When i started following up with Mr. Bxxxxi again He has given next commitment of April-2015. I escalated this matter to their chairman Mr. K. R Mxxxxk.

Again i waited till March 26th 2015 & started following up for my refund. Again they gave me 3 months later date.

In June-2015 they issued 5 cheques to me each of 50000/- ( Rupees Fifty Thousand ) and asked me to collect other cheques after August-2015.

When i deposited first cheque in bank it got bounced so i wrote to them that your cheque has bounced. So Mr. K.R Mxxxxxk has written mail to me by saying that do not deposit any cheques now. They will refund my payment in October-2015.

In between i have followed up too much so only one cheque of 50,000/- Rs got cleared.

Till Today i have got only 50,000/- Rs. out of My 7,24,070/- Rs (Seven Lac Twenty Four Thousand Seventy rupees)

Now their chairman has send a mail and saying that they are going to pay my money from April-2016. When i asked for payment schedule till date they have not reverted back to me. Almost Since last more than 18 months they are giving date for next 3 months. So i have decided to file online complaint.

Please Help Me ASAP.

Avinash Suryawanshi
Pimple Gurav, Pune 411061, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com / 03/03/2016 / 10:13 pm

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