I PLACED AN ORDER WITH THE WEBSITE ‘sendmygift.com’.This was an order placed on 31-01-2016 for the amount of 523 FOR A CHOCOLATE CAKE AND FLOWERS COMBO AS A GIFT. IT WAS CANCELLED 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DELIVERY. However, I made a second order on a modified date. The website had a logistics error ( as told to me by the help line when enquired on the day of the error) and sent the items of the CANCELLED order, even though the website, my member login on the site, the person on the help line confirmed CANCELLATION. I placed a complaint about that, Moreover because the item was delivered on a wrong day, when the receptants were not even home, to a watchman without calling / confirming/ authenticating the delivery from the buyer (me) or the receivers (my parents). From that day, 3rd- 4th of February, till April 19th they kept giving me ‘preset’ answers saying ‘ will be returned in 10- 15 working days’, ‘ will get back to you in 24-48 hours’, ‘ kindly mail your complaint’ , ‘ we have escalated the matter’. After all this for the first time i got a call back yesterday and the person asked me ‘is there an issue with your January order’. IT CLEARLY MEANS THAT MY ISSUE HASN’T BEEN RECORDED OR ESCALATED OR DEALT WITH. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE MY MONEY BACK FOR AN ORDER THAT WAS CANCELLED. AN ORDER WAS CANCELLED YET WRONGLY DELIVERED, AND NOT EVEN RECIEVED/ INTIMATED TO THE INTENDED PERSONS( AND LEFT AT THE DOOR AND SIGNED BY A WATCHMAN) THAT ROTTED THERE FOR 3 DAYS AND RUINED A SURPRISE. THE ERROR IS NOT MY MISTAKE AND I DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING RIPPED OFF FOR IT. THIS IS CLEARLY CHEATING CUSTOMERS. I would not mind if the website denied cancellation, but because it did, I placed a second order of the same value again. Since it was cancelled, the error is not on my part. I BASICALLY DEMAND MY MONEY BACK AGAINST CANCELLATION.

BANGALORE 560032, Karnataka
Email: nxxxxxxxj@gmail.com / 23/04/2016 / 11:42 am

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