Ordered Voltas Air Conditioner thrrough Shopclues on 14/04/2015, the product was delivered on 17/04/2015 but model was diferent w.r.t. the order. Filed return request on 17/04/2015 to get the product picked up. Even after making over 100 call and mails, customer care representatives only harassed me mentally; they utter to wait 72 hours, and after calling them again after 72 hours they said wait another 72 hours. Howsoever after rigorous chase up by calling their senior representatives they picked the product on 24/04/2015. Self had talk with them on 30/04/2015, they confirmed that the product has arrived to there warehouse from Merchant side and shall be shipped on 01/05/2015. In the morning of 01/05/2015 the stautus pertaining to my order number was updated as ” Slight procurement delay from Merchant”; when called they replied that product is out of stock. When self browse thier website enquiring the aforementioned product it displayed that product is in stock and usually delivered in 2 working days: The same stauts dispalyed when self booked the product on 14/04/2015. Customer care representatives have only bluffed me with blatent lies. Whenever they are called, they hardly spoke only 7-8 minutes in call duration of 60 minutes, rest time self has to be on hold and they give excuse that they were checking status or their senior representatives are busy. They spoke only to arrange call back from their senior representatives, but instead self received mails to wait another 72 hours.

Product value-24300
Order No-46477511 and 48592160

Email: prashantchand@gmail.com / 01/05/2015 / 12:37 pm

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