I return an item on 14 th feb but not received my money yet. I am very disappointment from snapdeal. I am calling to snapdeal c care daily but not response from there. when i call c care he give me reference no but not any revert call from there. my refernce no 19902774, 20003307. On 20th feb he call me any he want to me bank statement then i was send bank statement same day but not any response from there. i am spent 400 Rs to call c care.i am very harrash from this.

Krishna kant gupta
Kharagpur 721301, West Bengal
Email: gxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 02/03/2016 / 8:45 am

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  1. Dear Krishna,

    Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this.

    Team Snapdeal

  2. Dear Krishna(krishna_kg),

    We wish to inform you that your refund has been initiated from our end.

    Team Snapdeal

  3. dear snapdeal i am aditya i had booked a power bank and that i had send back to you now replacement has not be done till yet

  4. Dear Aditya Singla,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly share your order id or complaint number with us at writetous@snapdeal.com so that our team may assist with your concern.

    Team Snapdeal

  5. Order ID: 13505462567 (3 Items) DETAILS
    Placed on 29 May, 2016

    Me Sujit Kumar Ray phone no. 7602339581 , burdwan west bengal 713101 , got broken item and informed to blue dart as well as snapdeal authority they committed to refund my amount and pickup the item . when to be the incident to be happening and I get get back my money and you will pickup the item from home as per rules and regulation on cash on delivery system and I trusted your commitment over phone call at least 3 times with 15 minutes communication per call. what’s the consequences let me know


    Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and will get in touch with you regarding this.

    Team Snapdeal

  7. I had ordered a dish tv connection to snap deal on 13 august 2016 for an amount 1190 order no 14659667731 the amount has been collected by the rep of vulcan courier jalandhar on 16 august 2016 for delievering invoice only but the item has not been delievered till date. i tried many time to customer care many times but hardly once i could make contact. No satifactorily reply.dish tv tells to contact snap deal. I tried to cancell the order which also could not take place. I have purchased dish tv connection from market i dont know how to get money back.should i knock the door of consumer court
    M S ANSARI 07070135643

  8. Dear M S ANSARI,

    We understand the plight. We will get the issue checked and update you at the earliest.

    Team Snapdeal

  9. Sir / madam
    Pls provide update regarding my refund
    Order no -18938080967
    M not get any contact from ur team even after 12 days of cancellation
    Register mobile no 7353121305

    Another complaint is
    My order – 15347670101 is returning back acording to couerior tracking system
    Without reaching its destination
    Pls provide update and what u r going take action…

  10. Hi,

    Regarding Order ID:15104882259

    Its be almost 12 days since product is picked up from my Place. I have courier receipt as a proof.

    Now snapdeal is not ready to process my refund saying my account is blocked. Their representative says they will keep the product which I have returned and also the money. I asked representative to give me this in writing but they have not given me that yet.

    I believe next step should be to take help of customer grievances? Please guide me.

    Thank You

  11. My order id is 15868619996.a casio wrist watch .when I order it shows a seller with sd fulfiled.But after 7 days an alert send to me that primary seller is not available to order this a new seller sighned to deliver..with delay delivery date. why this was happend? ? Why you get the order if it was not available?? And the product from New seller is not SD fullfilled..So what is the quality assurances of the product ?? …I think it was wrong with me.

  12. refund not initiated yet. my account is blocked without any reason. would like to complain against an employee for rude behaviour

    ORDER ID: 15855508140 & 15752213143

  13. I ordered hillson safety shoes on 21 september , 2016 and i received shoes on 25 september and i returned the product on 26 spetember . but it is more than 25 days but i did not get my refund.i already given my bank details to snapdeal but every time i contact customer care they told it takes 4 working days. give me my refund.
    my order id is 15287260699.

  14. I Return the item Oct 19-2016 not received my money yet.i very disappointment snapdeal.i am calling at snapdeal customer care number but my call was not connected.
    my order id 15583074728

    I AM SPENT RS 350 for snapdeal customer care call.my time lost my money lost but no use….

  15. I purchased samsung j7 mobile on 21th oct 2016.mobile packaged seal already broken and mobile does’t switch on.so i request to replacement request.but no response coming till date.so i very very disappointment this purchase.and i called many times our customer care number but my call was not connected.my time and my money lost no use.pls pick my product and refund my amount

  16. dear sir,
    i have order lava kkt jumbo 2 black red color mobile date on 08-10-2016 order id:15775787081 “snapdeal online shopping”, i have received mobile on 24-8-2016, the mobile have issue of sound, ringer sound is low , so i decided to return the product, but return option is not work, its shows some message” your return order is not completed pls contact customer care 9212692126″ i am contact to this number but no one customer care executive pick my call, the customer care exective pick my call on 26-10-2016, i told my complaint about this mobile , the executive reply to my complaint , please send your bank details on “help@snapdeal.com” i surly refund your amount Rs:1599. but today told electronic goods not refundable, snapdeal arrange a service engineer , service engineer check my product on 03-11-2016 they give a report about this mobile sound is normal for this model. iam not satisfied with the product so i want refund my amount.

  17. This is mayur.I have ordered shoe from snapdeal,order wasnotget placed but amount got deducted from my bank account called snapdeal even wrote mailsto snapdeal but i did not get any response.

  18. Dear snapdeal

    I ordered fastrack M118BK1 dated on 06/01/2017.order no is 17733780254.I received the product dated on 10/01/2017.I see there are
    no sunglass in the box the product is missing . I am very valuable
    customer of your company. I can’t understand why you people not believe
    that I had not received any product whichever I have ordered. I have
    received empty box. As soon as possible i have refund the money at any cost otherwise i go to national consumer forum and complain against your company under section 9.

    Ritesh Ganguly

  19. Respected customer grievances,

    I had purchased USB power bank from Snapdeal for Rs. 849.00 but it turned out to be faulty i.e not charging my phone more than one time since it was designed to have capacity to charge thrice a mobile phone. my Snapdeal orderid is 17201768974 this order was placed on 10 Dec 2016 and this order was returned on 10 Jan 2017 but there was no refund of money was done from Snapdeal side, on asking over the phone call they said they had sent money to my bank account but there was no such refund money in my account. I informed them about this they asked for bank statement I shared the current bank statement to them and asked for the refund but they are saying the refund of money will be done within next 24hrs but actually not refunding the money back
    So I request the concerned authority to heIp me to get back my money
    Thanking you with high regards!

    Sandeep Kumar Gupta,

  20. I purchase a psp non stick pan .Then after I cancelled my order for some issue..My payment mode is online from my debit card…I received one msg regarding for cancellations of my order and refund amount within 4 business day…..But I didn’t receive my payment ……How it’s your service sanapdeal…. I am your fav. Coustmer but I faced it first time this type problem….
    SUB ORDER NO- 22549941838

  21. Dear Ritesh,
    We assure you our team is working on your concern and request you to allow us some time. We will get in touch with you shortly.
    Team Snapdeal

  22. Dear sandeep kumar gupta, Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this. Regards, Team Snapdeal

  23. Dear waqar yunus,
    Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this.
    Team Snapdeal

  24. I ordered nutrilite daily 120tab but I received natural b 60tab I paid 1560rs for the order after opening the product I returned it I have pickup receipt also two months gone there is no response for my refund daily I am spending 20rs for contacting customer care executive past two months there is no response for my refund

  25. Dear Zehra bathul,

    We request you to share order details or complaint number to help you out in the best possible way. kindly drop us an email on writetous@snapdeal.com with these details. we assure you all possible help.


    Team Snapdeal

  26. I returned my order on 13th may and its been a week snapdeal haven’t refunded my money. Please refund my money as soon as possible or i have to take necessary? actions.

  27. Dear Sorbojit ,

    We request you to share your order details or complaint no. to help you out in the best possible way. Kindly drop us an email on writetous@snapdeal.com with these details. We assure you all possible help.

    Regards ,
    Team Snapdeal

  28. have order an ucb jeans 

    And I have received other product and I had returned it but now they said that product not pass the quality check process so we had send it back to you

    And Snapdeal don’t provide my refund so I want my refund otherwise I will go to Consumer court and Snapdeal had to pay for it 

    I want my refund otherwise.
    Suborder id :-23631249389. Ticket I’d 42002285

  29. Dear Rahul ,

    We assure you our team is working on your concern & request you allow us some time. We will get in touch with you shortly.

    Team Snapdeal

  30. Hello,
    Mene apse simply hair straightner liya h jo aaj hi (5-june-2017) ko delivered hua he but ye straightner kharab he.
    Its not working
    So please ap muje ye change kar ke dijie

  31. I have also d same problem to face.i send a bag but along after 20 days they have no response.i call c care on daily basis n also mail.they give a reference no n beg my account number all DT,after that they have no response n they disconnect my call everytime.i am seriously very disappointed from this site.such a fake site.i lost my rs 530 ?.I also want to do a police complain about Snapdeal

  32. I returned my products 1 /8/17 but not received my money yet… I already Complaint so many times but Snapdeal is not responding…… Please do not buy anything from Snapdeal.. Because they don’t seriously if customers… And please give me my refund back as soon as possible…..

  33. If Snapdael is not refund my money in 2 days I will do a police complain about Snapdeal. This is a very worst company don’t buy anything

  34. We have raised a complaint against Snapdeal on 11.08.2017 vide Order no:19583615133 in your Indian Consumer Forum website. Snapdeal has simply cheated us.But till date not getting any solution.

    Requesting you to take up the matter with utmost care & resolve the issue at the earliest & confirm.

  35. I have not received a refund for a months old order after repeated requests, i get a mail stating that my snapdeal account has sone issues and it is suspended. But no report was given about my money.
    Order id- 19087028628
    Reference no: 42132939
    Issued on 26th May 2017
    Please return my money or esle i will have to take a strict action against the site

  36. I returned an item on 6th of August 2017.
    Still haven’t received refund.
    Tried to contact the customer care but they gave me a fake UTR number for transaction.
    I came to know that it was fake number when I contacted my bank and no transaction has been done from snapdeal side.

  37. I have received mi4i mobile from snapdeal.it is not working.order id:19717721785. I have Placed refund option sub order id:24392459348. I want return the item and I want my refund..

  38. I bought a Nike OG shoe from snapdeal .. And I want to complaint about your lol product
    . the sole of the shoe gets detached from itself within 5 days .. If you can not refund or replace our product I am gonna strict action against snapdeal without any trouble

  39. I request for refund my item which was I had order I didn’t received that item from snapdeal.amount 699/-We have registered your Return/Replace request and are prioritizing it. Reference no. is 43887520. We will call you within 24 hrs. Team Snapdeal 22/09/17

  40. Sir my name is rajesh,
    I have ordered a watch on 25 September 2017 on snapdeal,i did not liked the watch so i returned it. I have submitted bank details but they r massaging me that, these r incorrect details, my order id 19981194641.im submitting my bank details they r still massaging that it is incorrect. Im disappointed, so please solve my problem. Thank u.

  41. I havent received my refund yet. My order id is 19969800222 and i am seeking refund for sub order id 24678898795. The item has been long picked up however i havent received the refund yet. Why is your service degrading day by day? When will i get my refund?

  42. I have purchase non branded mosquito killer and immediately returned..But amount is refunded is zero.

  43. SNAP DEAL CUSTOMER CARE IS PATHETIC .No way can we speak to a representative. I have raised a complaint 10 days back still no update no call.Items are not delivered but the status says it is delivered. Raised a replacement request.I have no update on that aswell.

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