This is Regarding the booking done on Stayzilla website for Coorg Jungle Camp Resorts on 23rd March. The booking was for 25th to 17th March and the booking ID No is 1341720-9828-1458714003.

The payment was accepted by Stayzilla confirming the booking. When I happened to by chance check with the Hotel on 24th, I was told that they don’t have my booking.

To my shock and surprise, when I called Stayzilla to check on my booking they confirm that the booking is not confirmed yet (24 hours post the booking was made and payment accepted)

Now I had to spend the entire day on calls with various executives from Stayzilla ho would promise me to resolve the issue. After the entire days anxiety and stress through the day, all am told that they cant do anything as the Hotel and all other options were booked for the long weekend.

If the booking was not confirmed, how did you accept it and take payment for the same????

I was suppose to travel with my family and 1 year old son, imagine what nightmare I would have to go through if I realized this after reaching there.

What was no communication done in the 24 hours post the booking to keep me posted about this issue with my booking.

Why did it take you a full day to realize nothing can be done? To not only ruin the vacation, but create so much anxiety and stress in the last 48 hours.

Is this how you manage your business??? and just fool innocent customers???

And this is not the first time as I read through similar reviews on the internet about your company.

How are you being allowed to even operate??

Meherzad Khambatta
Mahaddevapura ORR, Bangalore 560016, Karnataka
Email: / 24/03/2016 / 11:36 pm

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