I have really fade up with Tikona broadband services and going to file a complain with help of your service.

I have disconnected Tikona Broadband long back ( in the month of August 2013) and I didn’t have any dues left in the account # 1105040669. Actually at the time of joining I paid 1250 Rs and I was informed by the sells guy and as well as by the customer care that the last month’s billing is already included so I don’t need to pay the last month’s billing when I would requested to terminate the service. So I did have 602 Rs due for the last month which I didn’t pay because of that. I requested to terminate the connection on 12th August much before the billing date. And it was terminated by then.

On 29th September I got a call from 09212467630. It was a lady who first told me that she was a Lawyer and practice in Saket court in Delhi. She told me that Tikona has filed a complain against me for not paying the last month bill amount and she is going to court to file the case against me. I was shocked. How come Tikona can file a case for no payment of merely 602 Rs? I asked her, but she was in a hurry and said immediate I need to pay and forward the transaction number to her so that she can have the proof and can close the case, other wise I need to go to Delhi for the court hearing and may be I need to pay the penalty, that will be set by Tikona and the Judge. I was speechless, never been in such a situation so Immediately paid the money “601.81” Rs online and forwarded the transaction number and gateway id etc. in her number.

Later on that day I contacted the customer care and I was shocked that I didn’t have any dues, but on asking that “Why I got a call from somebody, who consider me as defaulter”, the customer care rep was clueless and said that the money will be refunded within 15 working days. I repeatedly asked them why I got such a pesky call from tikona, she even knows my customer ID and amount due the representative said, please don’t take this seriously she won’t call you again.

What a response!!!

And most amazingly what a way for Tikona to harras it’s customer. I was in tikona since may 2011 and it was a horrible experience. However till today I have not received the money. Every time I called I get a response that the

1. fns team/ or some team is not issuing the amount refunded.

2. back end server people are not responsible for the delay.

3. etc etc.

They give excuses but never do the correct things to make them better service. Today again when I complained they have given the complain number and they said there is a minus amount of 501 Rs. I aksed why 501, it should be 602 Rs that you need to refund? The customer care guy said he does not know about it. The Complain numebr I filled today is 1-2971777909.

The SMS I sent to P……a R…….t ( A definitely fake name)
Transaction ID: 327036180565
Payment ref id: 1-1ASJLYP
gateway [ayment id: 1959881271432700
post date: 0927
Result: Success

Please post this complain in your much helpful web-site and show to the Tikona users and Tikona that this kind of Bad practice will ruin their reputation for sure.

Deb Ghosal
Kadugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: deb1bhu@yahoo.com
Contact No. 9036000350 / 16/12/2013 / 3:03 pm

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  1. Dear Deb,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    Please be assured that your concern listed Dec 17, 2013 has been noted and our team is working on addressing the same.

    Tikona Care

  2. Dear Ms. Ghosal,

    Greeting from Tikona.

    We have checked your account and confirm that the CPE recovery clarification and full and final calculation of your account is in process. We will update you accordingly with the final calculation.

    For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-209-4276 or you can reach us at http://forum.tikona.in.

    Tikona Care

  3. My ID is 1113838173. Kindly share some documented evidence to nail them legally. I have suffered a lot due to their pathetic service and now they are blackmailing me to pay the bill for the waved off period. I have call recording in which their executive clearly said that the bill of that month will not be generated.

    My no. is 9999042118

  4. Dear Raghib,

    Greeting from TIkona.

    Please be assured that your concern listed on June 23, 2016 has been noted and our team is working addressing the same.

    Tikona Care

  5. Hi,

    My tikona userid is 1108426929. I had submitted a req (1-4112312536) with a sr.technician in the billing department for cancellation of services and closing of account on 6th June 2016 and was informed that it will be processed within 48 hours and i will get a confirmation call for the same. I did not recieve any confirmation call..the only calls i got were that ‘Sir we have noticed you are not using the service for so many days are you unhappy with the service’ and when i asked them to check the last req put in by me they said that it will take another 72 hours to get the confirmation call and if i can transfer this account to any friend or relative to which i said i cant as everyone has internet.

    Then i waited for another 72 hours and guess what same story again same calls n sms to pay the pending bill and account is suspended. Then i called again and same story as above was repeated.

    In total I had called around 7 to 8 times but no solution was given to me only excuses and the call back was promised which never came and its been over a month!

    When I had submitted this account cancellatiob req I was informed to pay an amount of 417 rs and subitted online 420 rs for the final payment and account closure, when i called the billing departmeny on 29th June I was informed the most suprising thing that the req was submitted only to suspend the account and not delete it..wow!

    If that would have been the case the number of calls that I had made somebody would have informed me that and then the so called Sr.representative asked me to wait another 72 Hours to get the confirmation call! which as expected never came till date!

    All this is mental harrassment to me. I have taken tume out of my work hours to talk to the agents and have always informed all the agents about the issue and still nothing has been done about it which amazes me as it is just an account closure request.

    I would request the consumer forom to help me out as I’m not getting any help from the tikona customer care.

    Karan Sharma

  6. Dear Karan,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    Please be assured that your concern listed july 05,2016 has been noted and our team is working on addressing the same.

    Tikona Care

  7. Dear Mr. Sharma,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    With regards to your concern, we confirm that your disconnection request is in process.

    Post termination the devices will be recovered from your premises and the Full & Final calculation amount will be calculated.

    For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on 1-860-3000-3434 or you can reach us at forum.tikona.in

    Tikona Care

  8. I have been using Tikona I had asked to transfer my connection to some other person my consumerID:1116933040. They have closed my connection instead of intimating me and charged me for their connecting device, which they had to collect it I have not even been informed about the device return nor closing of connection instead they billed me 3000Rs and I did not even know about that i dint even get any email. They have lodged the complaint against me in Delhi hight court. One day I get the call from number 7374098178 saying my case has been send to delhi court If I don’t pay the bill amount of 3000 I will be issued warrant and today is its hearing. After i paid I called Tikona and I get to know that it is their mistake and If I call and raise the complaint they keep on telling that they’ll resolve my issue in 48 hours.Every time I call I get to hear the same answer. It is not addressed yet. If its is not addressed I will file a complaint against Tikona in consumer forum.

  9. My User id is 1115934730 and my bill cycle is every month 7.I had called tikona customer service before the bill cycle 6th feb-2017 and i sent a mail also to terminate the service.They had taken the request and the terminated the service after few days feb22.I have not used the service from feb6.I got the bill amount 146 on feb23.After few days tikona representative called me and i had explained him everything,he said no need to pay anything.Still i am getting the mails with bill due.Please resolve the issue.

  10. Tikona is worst service provider, I will not recommend anybody to take connection

    My bill was of 1600 and I paid online after that I have informed to tikona please close my connection but they did not closed and they again generated bill of 250 and then I have explained everything to customer care they told that they will close the account but after that they have again generated the bill of 330.

    please close my account ASAP and do not send any email regarding outstanding

    User ID: 1114406219

  11. Very bad service of removing conection pkease remove disconnect my tikona service completly .. My id 1118637827
    Your employess are useless . iam fedup that my request to disconnect the tikona service completly is not considering no call of mine is pick uping … I am really fedup … Please disconect my tikona services

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