Complaint against travelling company regarding fake offers

The complaint is about the travel company Kundu Tourism Centre. The two companies run their business in Kolkata. We had got in touch with the proprietor of Kundu Tourism Centre. The person promised us with a tour which would include the various spots in Andaman and Nicobar. Our tour included the likes of Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Cellular Jail, Neil Island, Havelock, Port Blair sightseeing, Mayabandar, Diglipur, Ross Island. The entire tour was of 9 days.

To start with, the company failed to show us the light and sound show in Port Blair on the very first day i.e 29th of September. After that, we were informed that we would not be able to visit the Neil and Havelock island as they have not got the tickets. Instead, we were sent to Little Andaman on 30th of September which is hardly a tourist spot. The company promised us to get us back to Port Blair on 1st of October, however, they again failed as they said that they could not get us the tickets. On 2nd October, the shipping service to Port Blair was not present, which simply meant further delay in a place that hardly had anything to see. Also, we were sent with no manager or tour guide, who would have taken care of us in the place.

It must also be stated here that the company requested us not to carry our entire luggage as we would have to return in a day. We were kept in Little Andaman till 3rd of October. On 3rd we did return to Port Blair, where we had the light and sound show in the Cellular jail. On 4th of October, the company informed us that we would have to go to Diglipur and would have to be ready by 5:00 am. Accordingly, we all got ready to leave. Our team included a kid who was about 10-12 years old even she was on time. However, once we got going, they informed us that there were no hotels in Diglipur and we would not be able to visit the same. After having a lot of verbal banter with the managers of the company, they finally arranged for 4 rooms for 13 of us. Anyways, the entire episode got our journey delayed by 5 hours. We left at 10:00 am for Diglipur on 4th of October. According to the plan, we were supposed to stay at Rangat for one night. However, the inefficient and fraud management could not arrange for the same and instead we had to stay at Mayabandar for another night, which simply meant that on 6th when we were about to leave for Port Blair via our car, we had to leave the hotel as early as 3 am. After having returned to the hotel at 9:00 pm on 6th we were informed that the hotel in which we were staying has now been filled with some other customers and we would have to shift to another hotel. After having travelled for as long as 15 hours, we were then again dragged to another hotel which was just “5 minutes away”. On 7th we had our flight and we did leave for Kolkata.

*After having reached Port Blair we were introduced to another company, which they called as They claimed this to be a sister company of Kundu Tourism Centre.

In our entire tour, we had nothing but inhuman treatment and mismanagement from the staffs. There were various people who were there running this company. We were staying mostly in the resort named Ambika Residency, which was in Prem Nagar, Port Blair.

Avishek Paul
Sodpur, Kolkata, 700110, West Bengal

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