This email is in regard to my several complains of being cheated by a Vw dealer (VW palace road, Bangalore)
I bought a VW Toureg (MH 14 DA 5223) from VW India and used it for 20,000 km after that the total mileage being 57,000 km. I sent the perfectly running car for regular service to the above mentioned VW dealership and they told me there was a small oil leak and an oring had to be changed and it would cost me Rs 2500 and I agreed to send the car for the oring change in the month of May 2015. after a few days the dealer called me and said some parts were spoilt and now the new parts will cost me 1.5 lakhs. I was totally shocked and asked the dealer to return my car and I did not want the work done as the car was running perfectly and there was certainly no issue with it and surely did not need parts worth 1.5 lakhs, after a couple of days the dealer calls me and says he can not return the car as everything is opened so very hesitantly I agreed to get the car fixed so they said it will take 15 days for the parts to arrive again I agreed then there was no news from them for 2 months and after repeated calls they then inform me that the battery is dead and the starter is also spoilt and needs to be replaced and now my bill will be 2.5 lakhs. I was in shock and really hurt as I now knew I was being cheated and complained to VW India and they called me and said they will look into the matter and help me out but they too did not follow up and after three months the dealer returned my car after collecting a payment of 2.4 lakhs, and after one day of using the car it stopped in mid traffic with the engine over heating and oil leaking from the bottom like before and I called the same dealer and demanded that they return my money and and on that they said they will check the car properly and return it in one day and now it is more than a week and they have not fixed my car. I am really surprised that a reputed company is cheating people like this and I am even more shocked that VW India is not bothered about this because after several emails of mine to them and bringing my case to their notice they haven’t cared to do anything about it so I am thinking this is the training they are giving their dealers as it is a clear case of fraud by them taking a perfectly running car and saying one part is to be changed for rs 2500 and then charging me 2.4 lakhs and the same oil leak still persists. They have left me no choice other than going to the Consumer Forum and fighting this out.

Mehul Patel
Nandidurg crescent road, Bangalore 560046, Karnataka
Email: / 24/08/2015 / 5:16 pm

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