Complaint against YAMAHA MOTOR regarding Yamaha FZ-16

My name is Ankit Malhotra, resident of Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi- 110088. I bought Yamaha FZ-16 on 9th April 2013 worth Rs. 79200. In the second month on 16th June 2013, I was riding on Delhi- Gurgaon highway and suddenly my bike’s display went off. I saw there was no light in the display screen. It was around 6:30 pm and I had to pull the bike 3 kms. approximately to reach a local mechanic in Gurgaon. The mechanic told me that the fuse has gone and he changed the fuse. Whenever he tried to start the bike every time the fuse went off due to high current passage. The mechanic saw the wiring in the bike and was shocked and told me that the wires were damaged because of the passage of high current continuously after purchasing and the bike did not get fused on time. There were cuts in the wires everywhere. The Mechanic told me that it’s a serious concern and you might have lost your life as bike could have burst while riding. Thus the mechanic covered the wires with the black tape completely and when he fixed the fuse the bike got start. Also he told me to visit service center once after reaching home. Again I rode 50 kms and the same thing happened and the fuse went off again.

I told this problem to one of the Yamaha employee named Pr………t, Phone No. 09899520605 in Yamaha Service Centre, Azadpur. He refused to accept the problem and told that you have not shown the bike to us. Sir, after 6:00 PM the service centre get closed and my home is 50 kms away from my office and this kind of problem happened to me for the first time. In this case how could I have visited the service centre that too after 8 PM. Mr. Pr………t refused to solve my query and told me that they will change the wires and thus I have to bear a sum of Rs. 2000.00 approx. and will take 15 days to repair the bike as they dont have material available. After that he suggested me to visit the Mongolpuri Service centre where my first service was done which was a poor suggestion and they are not ready to do their job and thus forcing me to leave th!is place and visit previous service center.

Yamaha is making a fool of its customers as they are giving cheap quality products that too after charging heavy amount and also their service centers are not good enough. Dear Sir, I don’t want to bear this amount as it has been only two and a half months I bought this bike. I want my money back as this company is selling cheap products. I want Consumer court must take strict action against YAMAHA INDIA MOTOR PVT. LTD. as they provided me the faulty product and cheated with the customer that lead to mental harassment and loss of my work and time. Please solve this matter as soon as possible. I will br thankful to you.

Ankit Malhotra
BH-117 (East), Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
Contact No.: 9953846499
IP: / 13/07/2013 / 2:19 pm


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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for writing us. Your Customer complaint number is IC-06129-C7R4

    We will respond to you within 48 working hours. Please ensure your Name, Contact Number and the Feedback Number is mentioned in all your communications with us in order to ensure faster resolution.

    You can also contact us at the Customer Toll Free Number: 1800-420-1600, Monday to Friday between 8:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M.
    You are requested to add the following email address to your Address Book:

    • Ankit Malhotra on 20/07/2013 at 3:31 pm

    Dear Yamaha Motor,

    I think your company is making fool of customers. I got a call on tuesday from your customer service center via landline no. 011-32910990 regarding the service which is due and the lady was aware about the issues as I have already filed complaint in consumer court. The lady told me that you will receive a call from our company regarding service in the evening. I got a call in the evening and one of the yamaha employee told me that they will come on Wednesday for the service. I got a call from Jinder Yamaha Co. on Wednesday, where I bought this bike regarding the service which was due. Again I had to explain from the starting what exactly had happened. They assure me that the problem will be sorted out. Then I got a call from Mr. Ravi, employee at service center of Yamaha Motors, Mongolpuri on wednesday evening from mobile no. 09891309642 and they told me that they will come on wednesday . Again I explained him the whole problem. I had to wait whole day and nobody came. In the evening I call them to confirm why nobody came from your company. He doesn’t have any answer and told me that I forgot to send anyone and it is late now so I will send tomorrow. On Thursday I took leave from office and nobody came from the co. to my home and thus I had lost my money and ample amount of time waiting for them . On friday I went to office and called them up as It seems they are not interested in resolving this matter. My brother was at home and finally on friday Yamaha employee, Umesh, mobile no. 8826267950, came home to take bike with him. I was fed up and again on phone I told everything. At the end he refused to took the bike in service centre and told us to come and I will be Rs. 1200/- charged for the service. As I am totally dis-satisfied I would request consumer court to take strict action against Yamaha. They have wasted my money, my time and thus have not done anything for a customer who has paid Rs 80,000.00 for this worthless bike. Please reply us ASAP.


  2. Dear Sir,
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We have requested the Dealership to resolve all the issue pertaining to your bike at the earliest.

    • Ankit Malhotra on 23/07/2013 at 5:26 pm

    Dear Yamaha Motors,

    I am seriously very DISAPPOINTED with what your company has done till now. I have to finally pay more than Rs. 2100/- for the poor and cheap quality products, LOW QUALITY SERVICE. Its better if I call it as a PATHETIC SERVICE. I need the service to be done on urgent basis as I have to reach on time on office so finally I paid for the service. This was my biggest mistake I bought Yamaha on 9th April 2013, the black day I can say. I will switch on to a different brand earliest as even CHINESE products are better then your vehicle. I would not recommend YAMAHA MOTORS to my FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, SENIORS and any of my RELATIVE as now trust and relationship all has broken the day I received a negative response from your people and co. Now anytime your bike can stop while riding and you people, as I know, will not be ready to accept your mistake.REFUND the money charged by your company for the wires. You have a FAKE name in the market. Obviously I will go for some other bike in near future. I would request consumer court to sue your company for this unnecessary delay and taking unfair advantage of the customers by charging for the products.


  3. Dear Ankit, we understand your concern, however as per our information from the dealer, the service engineers has checked your vehicle and he found that you have done some modifications in the bike, due to which some wires have got burnt. When he said that you need to pay for wires replacement, we refused to pay and hence you are still facing the issue.

    Please visit Limitation section of for more info.

    Thanks and Regards
    India Yamaha Motor

  4. Dear Ankit, we understand your concern, however as per our information from the dealer, the service engineer has checked your vehicle and he found that you have done some modifications in the bike, due to which some wires have got burnt.
    When he said that you need to pay for wires replacement, You refused to pay and hence you are still facing the issue.

    Please visit Limitation section of for more info.

    Thanks and Regards
    India Yamaha Motor

    • Ankit Malhotra on 30/07/2013 at 12:54 pm

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    In any case if bike stops on highway I will not push it the whole way for 10-15 kms. Also your service centre doesnt open 24X7 that I can visit immediately. Third you people dont provide the service on call whereby your employee can come at a place where the customer’s bike stop moving ahead even if any problem persists. So in this case obviously I have to show it to the mechanic. Also I want to complain some other things. You people change the products without even discussing the issue. My wires were burnt but I didn’t tell you to change my self start button and relay. Why your service center changed it without my permission and I have to bear those charges as well. I request the consumer court to take strict action against your co. and I want my money back. You people are wasting my time. You are a big torcher.


    • APURVA KULKARNI on 02/12/2017 at 10:47 am

    I am Apurva Kulkarni.I bought yamaha fascino on 21/7/2017. After first servicing, my bike didn’t start on starter and the mechanic said thebattery was expired.Ihave given the batteryfor replacement since one month, i have not got any message regarding the same.

    • Hrishav on 17/01/2018 at 11:44 am

    Yamaha’s service is also really poor here in Nepal.I have a problem of hickup in my bike (yamaha fzs 16).When ever I open the throttle it hickups so the mechanic and engineer or supervisor or whatever told me to replace the lower engine block and carburetor so I let them.Now even the system is new the problem is not sorted out. Its been 4 weeks and i keep visiting them daily to ask them to mend my bike properly but they try or they evendont care or whatever,my problem is not fixed.And i mean to ask u as a global customer, what type of company are u running?The company where customer’s needs cant be fulfilled,customer care is crap and employees are mostly incapable and dont know what to do or how to do (work) .as my problem was unidentified ,i still have that problem.they only made me spend my money for no reason.I am saying all this in this forum because YamahaIndia is the sole distributor of Yamaha motors in Nepal.if u can help me then the help will be appreciated.I am talking about the Yamaha Service centre in Kumaripati, lalitpur, Nepal. It goes by the name Risik Automobiles pvt ltd.

    • Sachin on 21/07/2018 at 6:58 pm

    Yamaha customer service is big cheater. I am facing issue with my bike from last 2 months. From last 2 weeks my bike is with Yamaha service centre. I don’t know when I will get my bike. Also on call support is not escalating issue to secondary level. No where Yamaha mentioned their higher level escalation email and number.

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