We had booked a 5-seater vehicle from Meenakshi Mall Bengaluru for entire day for the 13th Nov 2016. We were provided the only available car which was already in a bad condition but since we paid already we had to take the car. We have also spent 1000 additions on the fuel. We had highlighted the partially deflated tyre which was told to us as “no issue” and yet we witnessed a tyre-puncture almost midway to Mysore which we managed to fix on our own. Post this we weren’t able to start the car as the battery was completely drained and the fuel tank was already having a leakage which wasn’t notified to us. And we witnessed a empty fuel tank. After calling the customer care several times, they promised to send a tow truck and a replacement car which arrived almost 2 hours later and that in addition had its own faults. The replacement car hasnt yet been provided post 4 hours inspite of have been contacting customer repeatedly. All they had to do is keep us on hold with the promise of calling back within 5-10 mins. And we have been strangled here in the middle of nowhere for 4 straight hours. Zoomcar failed to come up with a solution and instead started cutting the calls midway even after over 20-30 call attempts. We need reimbursement for the failed booking and also for the tremendous inconvenience caused. Our life could’ve been at risk die to the irresponsible nature of the company and the disrespect and apathy they show towards their customers. Also travelling back is costing us an additional fare of 4500 which we are including in the reimbursement. Please resolve ASAP.

Deepak Kumar
Bengaluru 560100, Karnataka
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 13/11/2016 / 10:02 am

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