This is to bring to your notice, the unethical practices that Airtel is resorting to, in order to make sales.

I had booked an airtel broadband connection online and promptly got a call from their call center within 24 hours. I was told to pay Rs.1000 online and register myself. Once I did that, they would collect the documents and fix my connection within 2 working days of having received the documents and the payment.

The documents were submitted on the 2nd of July and the payment was made on the 3rd of July (Transaction reference number: 70379802 and application number: ONBANGA01156176 ).

Till the time I made the payment, I got a call once in 2 hours from Airtel asking me for the transaction ID. Once this was given, I stopped receiving any updates from Airtel. I had to call Axxxd (Ph Num: 9538035100) repeatedly as he would not pick my call. Finally, when I reached him and asked him why the connection hadn’t been done, he asked me to wait till Monday (6th July ) and the connection would be given. In the meantime, I had disconnected my existing internet in order to use this and since I work from home sometimes, internet is very important to me.

I called up Axxxd again on Tuesday (7th July) to check why the connection hadn’t been given. He then directed me to call his manager and all the manager has ever told me is “I’ll call you back in 10 mins”, without even listening to a word. Then his phone also goes unanswered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sick of this, I called up Axxxd again and reprimanded him for lack of response. He put his manager’s manager on conference, who told me that there was a delay because they have the permission to dig in the area only on Saturday and Sunday. I asked him why they set wrong expectations with me about the installation date when they knew that they can dig only on Sat and Sunday; he had no answer to this question and in fact asked me if I want a refund of the money! I told him that he could do so only after calling up my previous ISP and getting my connection activated (MTS, with which I had an issue as well, because I am ending my association with them). He assured me that I would get a call from his end by 4 PM on Wednesday (8th July) informing me about when this can be installed, which I haven’t received.

This has resulted in me having travel 30 kms to go to work in spite of being unwell, just because I cannot work from home. Action needs to be taken here.

Vinay Muralidhar
TF2, Ajantha Residency, Canara Bank Layout, Bangalore 560061, Karnataka
Email: / 09/07/2015 / 6:00 pm

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