Past 2 Months airtel has been charging almost double the amount saying internet usage is higher.
Sunddenly this has startes happening in june n july billing cycle. Before that the internet usage was 13-15 gb n as per them n so called thier system it has increased to 20-21gb. Thier system has some problem as im noticing every 30sec to a min 1mb is getting consumed

At customer care they are making me go to my phone service center etc n got my phone reformatted also n still case is same.

Someone really needs to stop airtel from manuplating thier systems and charging customer so much!
Also i get a popup alert that 100% of 10gb data is consumed where as in thier system almost 20gb data it says. There is a error in thier system n customer is paying for it!
I have written to airtel also but no reply on popup i have recieved they ignored it and just replied u have consumed 17gb as per our system.
How can 2 records be there one the pop up in getting which is also system generated other what their system says!

In last 2 mnths apporox 1500-1600/- each month is extra charged

As a customer its not transparent to us on how much data being used! Hence they can put anything on thier servers n we all know servers can be manupilated as well! I have screenshot of the popup n what thier system says. I need someone to help me cos now this is every months story.

Tamanna Gulati
Cr Park, New Delhi 110019
Email: / 15/07/2016 / 3:02 pm

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