I had subscribed for the SH membership through Anoop Rishikesh, Manager – Sales of SH Kochi office during December 2015. One of the primary conditions that convinced me to take up the membership was the waiver of ASF (Annual Subscription Fees) through out the period of my membership with SH. This was offered by Axxxxxp Rxxxxxxxxh during the various meetings we had at the time of signing up and further confirmed by him in multiple emails received from his official ID. I am giving below an extract of an email received from him regarding waiver of the ASF for my membership:

“With regards to the ASF, it will be adjusted based on the referral benefit which the customer provides, but if in case the customer is not in a position to refer someone we will initiate the reference from our side and put it in the customer’s membership code.” (email dated December 28, 2015).

I have been receiving repeated reminders to pay my ASF for the last six months or so. I have written to the customer care of SH, Kochi Office on August 28, 2016) (enclosing all the email correspondence) and as well contacted Axxxxp Rxxxxxxxh quite a few times since then. While I have received no reply from customer care, Axxxxp has not been able to resolve this issue as well despite several reminders. This staff has now gone off the radar and I have been given to understand that he is serving notice period (as confirmed over phone by Rxxxxxe Pxxxxxxxh of Kochi Office).

I continue to be harassed by periodic reminders on email and SMS that I have to pay ASF and will be charged late fees going forward. Last week I was contacted by Rxxxxe Pxxxxxxxxxh of SH Kochi office reminding me to pay the ASF once again. I ceremoniously explained to her my issue regarding ASF and forwarded all the emails I have on this, requesting her to resolve this problem for me.

She has reverted over phone and subsequently by email stating that Sterling Holidays will not be able to keep up their word regarding waiver of my ASF as promised at the time of signing up nor would they be able to refund the membership fee of Rs. 1.2 lakhs I have paid till date and cancel my SH membership (as requested by me if the ASF cannot be waived as promised).

It is a pity that a company like SH is unable to honour the commitment they has given at the time of signing of my membership. This is the normal gimmick these time sharing companies adopt to fool the customer by offering lucrative deals to induce him to sign on the dotted line, collect the money and then take him for a ride by going back on the promises they made earlier.

I am planning to move legally on SH which has defrauded me by not honouring their word and for continuously harassing me with reminders to pay the ASF through emails and SMS.

Praveen Viswanathan
Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam 682036, Kerala
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 26/10/2016 / 10:37 am

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