Complaint regarding Aquaguard servicing

I have purchased a Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV from M/s. Hariom Retail Pvt. Ltd.Sector-3, Rohini video invoice no.M2K/RI/4712/2017-18 dated 29th May 2017. We have lodged a complaint to Aquaguard helpline for servicing of captioned RO on 19th August 2017 and it was attended by the Co. local technician on 20th August by replacing a part of RO. On the very next day the RO started giving abnormal hot water. On 15th Sept.2017, I have lodged a complaint no. 2004717553 for stop functioning of RO. The complaint has not attended by Co. till date. I have received a message from the company that have been dealt with. Then I received a call on 18th Sept from the Service Centre of the committee that we will resolve the problem with in 2 days. They provide me another complaint no.2004744168 on 18th Sept. but till date no technician have attended the complaint. I have asked Service Centre on number of occasion for replacement of captioned RO as it is not working satisfactorily. I request you that my RO be changed. I am purchasing mineral water bottle for the last 20days @ Rs.60/- per bottle as the hard water is available at the centre.

Raj Singh Saroha
Gautam Buddha N 201304, Uttar Pradesh

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