I am a customer of Aircel. And for the past few days, my balance is being deducted severely for no reason at all. I’ve tried to contact their executives, but they just don’t care. And it’s really a tiresome job to get a hold of them. I do not use Aircel’s internet, I’ve my own wifi. Yesterday evening, I recharged for Rs. 80. I only talked to a friend for 46.35 min and they charged me Rs. 26.46 for that. It was alright. But I checked my balance late night and suddenly it was Rs. 24.43. And I do not have any VAS services activated on my account, at least not knowingly. They sometimes activates these VAS services on their own, without informing me. So, what I’m gonna do?

Mainak Mazumder
Forest Road, Durgapur 722202, West Bengal
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 08/08/2016 / 1:39 am

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