I registered for the Asianet Broadband provided by Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd, and the sales person came to collect the full amount in cash as fees and payment for the modem was also provided. Its been a month since my connection has been setup by asianet persons, but till now I am unable to use the internet. Have contacted the customer persons repeatedly and their response is that they are not responsible for providing the support and i should be contacting a local computer centre person to provide the connection. Registered four complaints in their online complaint register and there has been no response from that side too.  Complaint registered id is:  WB4770.  Only thing i can now do is that either get some local guy to get internet at my home or disconnect the asianet connection. I need justice here and if they are not willing even to try to get me some connection then that shows their arrogance and negligence to the customer. I hope i will get some response after this complaint, expecting something soon. If there is not response from asianet i will be demanding the refund of entire amount that i have spend for the connection and compensation.

Neeraj Manoharan
Elanjiparambil House, Punnapra North PO, India, Kerala
Email: neerajmanoharan@gmail.com
Contact No. 9496466773 / 12/04/2015 / 3:42 pm

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