This is to bring to your kind attention that I had bought an Asus Zenfone5, which was sold online only, through flipkart Ref: Tax Invoice # BLR_WFLD20150100925667, 0n 21.01.2015, and have been facing repeated issues with the mobile phone, right from the beginning of the 4th month of purchase and I have received it back from their authorised service center ( F1 Infosolutions & Services on Cunningham road Bangalore) for the 3rd time last week. Each time the phone has blank out without any display .

First time the phone went completely dead, I gave it for service on 07.04.15, service job card Ref No. INR1540120, they updated the Firmware as per their service report, and returned it on 14.04.15, I was without a phone for an entire week and lost all my important data.

Second time the phone went completely dead on 05.06.2015, gave to their authorised service center, job card Ref No. INR1560167, they replaced the Motherboard and returned it on 13.06.15, again without a phone for a week.

Third time the phone went completely dead on 10.12.15, gave it to their authorised service center, job car Ref No. INR 15C0345 they have replace the Battery and IOFPC and returned the phone on 14.12.15.

Since the phone has been on warranty there were no charges made, but each time I go to their service centre to drop off or pick up the phone, it takes a minimum of 3hrs from my office, I have to take permissions or half day to do so and in today’s Bangalore traffic it is a task.

The reason I have bought this phone from Asus, considering that the a brand of repute and I did not expect to have these type of technical issues with my phone, which is an important tool of communication to my customers in my daily job.

I have written to the company couple of times to replace the instrument which has been found defective from the beginning but they have not responded to my request. My last communication to them was on 16.12.15, informing them on this repeated issue, but till date there has been no response. (They have replied to my earlier communications, a couple of times with only advice but they have not really resolved my phone being faced with similar issues).

The reason I am writing this mail is that the warranty is expiring on16.01.2015. and there is no assurance from the company regarding subsequent issues. I have been quite disturbed for the past 11 months with this phone and the lack of communication from the company , request your kind selves to look into this issue and help me resolve the same.

I would also like other customers to know the issues being faced with the particular phone and the response to the customer from the brand.

Hope to hear from you

Paul Dominick
Viveaknagar Post, Srinivagalu, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka
Email: / 21/12/2015 / 12:45 pm

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