I placed an order for a photograph with frame. The photograph is badly off centered. The size of the photograph is small by an inch. They are in denial mood. I want to ask why such basic requirement of framing a centered and proper size of photo is overlooked. It proves to me that there is no quality control at their end. Now they ask us to prove that a bad product is supplied by them. They want us to spend our resources on faulty product. Why supply a bad product at the first place. What is the cost of replacement of photograph? negligible! But still instead of replacing the bad product without question. Asking a customer to prove is totally unacceptable. We trust them with advance payment 100% + shipping. They are reluctant to trust the customer. Why buy from them?
Any online shopping portal, asking for proof from customer for bad supplied product should be banned. It is not worth to be called a company, who do not trust their customers. Look at PayTM, Amazon…..they replace without any questions.

Suresh Keswani
1502F Palm Court Link Road Malad West, Mumbai 400064, Maharashtra
Email: sheel148@gmail.com / 29/04/2015 / 5:55 am

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