This is regarding flight no 6E 303. The booking reference number was 16FB6S. I was not allowed to board (yes i accept i was a bit late and reached the airport at 6:22 i.e. 7 min after the required check in time of 45 min). It is to be noted that the flight was delayed by 20 minutes from the scheduled departure time of 7:00 and took off only at 7:20. Even the gates of the flight were not closed before 7:15.
The self boarding machines were not working, which added to the delay in reaching the counter issuing manual boarding.
No help or effort was made by Indigo to let me board.
I had with me only the hand baggage which would have easily passed through the security check.
I was made to move from one counter to another and no help was provided.
It is also to be noted that infront of me at 6:25 tickets were sold at premium of 16000 and a passenger was allowed to check in.
This is not at all tolerable and i was cheated. they delclared me as no show and sold ticket to other.
No seats in the flight went vacent(this was confirmed by my colleges, who were there in the flight).
I was then asked to pay 17000 for the difference for the next flight which was at 10:30AM.

I was made to suffer and my booked seat was alloted to someone else who paid more. I have written mails to the corporate and nodal officer as well but have not received any reply for the concern.
I had also asked Indigo to give me a declaration that i was refused boarding at 6:22, they simply marked me as “noshow.”
please help me out to get the refund for the whole amount, the travel cost to and fro from the airport as well as the compensation for the loss incured for the chient meeting and scheduled work supposed to be conducted at Hyderabad.
This is a pure case of fraud and cheating done by Indigo Airlines. Please help me out, and do something to setup an example for all the mess being created by the airlines like Indigo.

Sumit Mehrotra
Indrapuram, Ghaziabad 201014, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 14/07/2016 / 8:21 pm

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