Complaint regarding Car Loan foreclosure issue

My complaint is against HDFC Bank, Rajarhat,Kolkata. Last year October we purchased a Maruti Alto 800 LXI car. We, as a family, had contemplated to do one-time payment for the purchase. Our Personal banker from HDFC had approached us and advised us to take car loan saying it would benefit us and just for sake of records to avail the loan and we can pay the pending amount after 6months. We agreed to the offer and purchased the car under the loan after extensive documentation.
However, in May’18, at the end of 6 months, when we approached the bank to close the loan account, the banker informed us that because of loan foreclosure, significant charges would be levied (~14k INR) and advised us that if we waited for completion of 12months, the foreclosure charges could be easily waived off by the branch manager. We agreed with the advice given.
Recently in Oct’18, when we again approached bank to pay and close the loan account we were again informed that by no means the foreclosure charges could be waived off. The branch manager and loan executive has reverted back saying the loan documents signed by us does not have any such offer. We have informed them, at the branch, that such charges were never mentioned to us while purchasing loan and the loan documents we signed are enormously lengthy with minute fonts. They aren’t legible and it is the duty of the bank official to disclose all clauses of the loan offer. I reckon this is an intentional concealing of information by bank official to sell the loan offer.
Although the branch manager has confessed that this involves mistake of the bank official, he has done little to support us. I have raised complaint in HDFC Mumbai as well till Principle Nodal Officer level, but nobody has addressed our complaint satisfactorily. Each time the complaint was closed with same response that we need to pay the amount.
We, as a family, are at a loss here, especially my parents are retired senior citizens bearing the brunt of the problem. In doing this we feel being cheated by the bank, costing us heavily ~15k INR minimum. In addition, after multiple requests, we have also not received any details of Loan sanctioned amount nor loan policy documents, which I reckon is a customary process.

Please let me know if further details are required.

Paul Chatterjee
PO krishnapur, Kolkata 700102, West Bengal

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