Uber driver has cheated me by starting the trip when he has not picked me up. Also, Uber has charged me for the ride I have not even taken!! I wrote to cust care but they have refused to take action against driver. I have tried calling up driver atleast 15-20 times and waited for 20 mins, but he started trip even without me !! Uber charged Rs 50 for driver’s mistake!! Why should customers pay when drivers committ such frauds? Uber even refused to initiate action against this driver. I am attaching proof for this fraud driver.. If i started the trip why would i get down just 5 mins on the way and agree to pay Rs50 ?? this clearly shows driver purposely didn’t pick up and started trip to earn bonus… This is 3rd time such incident is reported to Uber and i hear only excuses!!

Netheen c
Bangalore 560045, Karnataka
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com / 04/10/2016 / 9:02 am

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