I had received a call from Country Club / Vacations guys in December 2014. I always used to get a call from these guys in the past & used to always ignore it as I knew the cost of membership was very high. But this time I thought let me have a look at it as I wanted to plan some holidays in the future.

I visited their office at New BEL Road (Bangalore) on 3rd December 2014 & I was attended by their Sales Representative Mr. Kxxxxk & Mr. Yxxxxxxd. They explained their services & benefits & also briefed the details of the package which they wanted to offer to me. The cost of the membership worked out to be Rs. 1,35,000/-. I told them that I cannot afford this kind of price. That is when they told me that I can use my HDFC credit card & opt for payment in installments to the Bank. The price worked out to around Rs. 5,000/- change every month (if I had to go with the EMI payment option), which was fine with me. So I decided to become a member. However when they swiped my HDFC credit card they did not give instructions to convert the payment to EMI. I noticed this immediately & I told them that the transaction has happened in a improper manner. But they told I need not worry & the bill I would get from HDFC would be in installments. I thought I will wait & I continued with the membership. In January 2015 I received a statement from HDFC Bank for Rs. 1,35,000/- plus other taxes (as I expected). I immediately informed the sales rep & customer support team at NEW BEL Road office as well as Koramangala office (next to Forum mall). That is when I realized that I was dealing with a set of fools. They were not ready to understand my problem & was also not willing to cooperate. After several arguments / fights / some support from HDFC credit card team I convinced them that they are wrong & I am right. By the time they realized my issue it was May & the interest fee (plus taxes) had come to around Rs. 23,000/- & total amount payable to HDFC was at the tune of Rs. 1,60,000/- . So I demanded that they had to pay me Rs. 1,35,000/- + Rs. 23,000/- which they agreed to pay by DD. But when the DD came it was for only Rs. 23,000/- & not for Rs. 1,58,000/-. I again went back to them to question regarding the difference.

They are coming up with some stupid arguments & solutions. One of the solution is that they have told that they will pay me Rs. 1,00,000/- in cash & I will have to swipe my card for Rs. 1,00,000/- (as my card limit is around Rs. 2,60,000/- & I am left with Rs. 95,000/-). After I do this they will pay the balance Rs. 35,000/- & I will have to again swipe the card for Rs. 35,000/-.

I felt I am dealing with some beggars / poor company who has no money. When I questioned them why they cant pay me entire Rs. 1,35,000/- & that to in cheque / dd instead of cash; I got some weird answers. I am seeing that there is no end to this & have doubts whether this problem will get resolved. I do not have the kind of money to repay HDFC guys. Every month end I get calls from HDFC payment collection team to pay the minimum amount.

This has become a burden for me & has put me & my family into lot of stress. I am still fighting with them.

Gopidas Pai
Sarjapur Village, Sarjapur Hobli, Bangalore 562125, Karnataka
Email: rgopidas[@]gmail.com / 16/06/2015 / 11:55 pm

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